What Did We Do?



If you have to miss a class, please check with Mrs. P. as soon as you can to catch up!


Dec. 10:    Saint Lucy; Our Lady of Guadalupe; Saint Juan Diego;

                  Penance/Confession/Reconciliation; Advent and Light;

                  praying for classmates; Church praying for our intentions

                 at Mass; Number Pencils


Dec. 3:     King David; Saint Nicholas of Myra; Genealogy of Jesus;

                 Names; Name That___; Biblical Divination;

                 Advent; Woman Taken in Adultery (John 8:1-11);

                 praying for classmates; Church praying for our intentions

                 at Mass


Nov. 26:  Saint Ambrose, Saint Andrew; Liturgical Calendar; Advent;

               Act of Contrition; praying for classmates


Nov. 19:  Blessed Miguel Pro, Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio;

               Ten Commandments; Greatest Commandment;  Beatitudes


Nov. 5:  Names;  Review vocabulary; Abraham and Isaac,

              Saint John the Baptist; Baptism; Bible navigation;

              Faith; Wordsearch review


Oct. 29:  Rules:  Moses; Ten Commandments; Greatest Commandment;

               Precepts of the Church; Golden Rule; Church Visit, Window

               Stories, Wordsearch review


Oct. 22:  Saint John XXIII; Trinity; Relationships; Bible Navigation;

              Good Samaritan; Job; Group Juggling


Oct. 15: Noah; Mother Mary Teresa Tallon; Four Evangelists;

             Gospels; Heaven and Hell; Church visit, Reconciliation room;

             Symbols; Big Fat Moon; Puzzles


Oct. 1: Saint Francis of Assisi; Bible Navigation; Adam and Eve story;

            Church visit, symbols


Sept. 24: Introduction of new students, Favorite Things;

              Sign of the Cross; Hail Mary; Angels & Saints;

              Saint Michael the Archangel; Church visit:

              genuflecting; holy water; Presentation at the Temple;

              Holy Family; Baptism font, Tabernacle


Sept. 17:  Introduction at Church; Favorite things; Sign of the Cross;

              Cross, crucifix, rosary


What Did We Do?

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