What Did We Do?

Check this page for a summary of each week’s class activities including links to interesting sites!


December 20:  Christmas play (Third Graders,) Christmas story; Epiphany,

   frankincense & myrrh, Family Christmas traditions; Callisia fragrans (basket plant)


December 13: Saint Lucy, Saint Nicholas; Confession; Q&A; Trinity;

      Word Search (Church vocabulary)


December 6:  Saint Andrew, Saint John the Baptist; Immaculate Conception,

     Confession, Guidelines for sinfulness


November 29:  Secret Saint, Advent, Confession


November 22:  Rosary, Confession, Saints


November 15: Moses, Saint Teresa of Kolkuta; Formal and Informal Prayer,

     Meditation, Singing as prayer;  Guidelines for sinfulness;  Hand signal for help

     Mnemonics, Act of Contrition, Group Juggling


November 8:  Review of Saints; Formal and Informal Prayer, How to Pray;

    Our Father; Psalms; God and the Trinity; Big Fat Moon


November 1: King David, Saint Mary Magdalene;  More Superstitions; Church

                      visit to see Symbols


October 25:  Saint Peter, Saint Paul; Superstitions; Church visit to see Saint images


October 18:  Servant of God Mother Mary Teresa Tallon, Blessed Stanley Rother;

     Church vocabulary


October 4:  Evangelists: Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; Gospels

     Remembering things; Bible navigation, New Testament; Act of Contrition


September 27:  Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Michael the Archangel;

     Bible navigation;  Act of Contrition


September 20:  Introduction, book distribution.  Favorites!




What Did We Do?

What Can I Do to Help Others?


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