What Did We Do?



If you have to miss a class, please check with Mrs. P. as soon as you can to catch up!


March 15: Saint Patrick, Saint Joseph; Prayer, Meditation;

Eucharist review; Mass vessels; Liturgy of the Word;

Impossible Bible Puzzle


March 8: Snow Day


March 1: Review; Mother Mary Teresa Tallon; Eucharist and

How to receive Communion; Passover and Matzos


Feb 22: Sleet night (classes cancelled)


Feb. 15: Saint Augustine; Saint Ignatius Loyola; Lent; Prayer;

Church visit; Lunar New Year/Fortune Cookies


Feb, 8: Saint Josephine Bakhita, Archangels Gabriel, Michael;

Guardian Angels; Lucifer/Devil; Lent Preparation


Feb. 1: Saint Blaise, Saint Peter, Lent Preparation; Good habits;

What will you do for Lent? Rosary and Rosary Prayers


Jan. 25: Saint Stephanie, Saint Gisela, Saint Paul; Names;

Beatitudes and Ten Commandments,

Greatest Commandment; Heaven and God


Jan. 18: Jonah the Prophet, Blessed Laura Vicua, Saint Karina,

Blessed Stanley Rother; Sacraments, Ten Commandments


Jan. 11: Elijah the Prophet; What is God like (1 Kg 19:9-13); Habits

and dominance; Intercession of Saints; Time Capsule Letters


Jan. 4: Snow Day


Dec. 21: Saint Lucy, Four Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John)

Nativity Stories, Matthew and Luke; Three Kings,

Frankincense and Myrrh; My Crazy Aunt; Party!


Dec. 7: Immaculate Conception, Saint Juan Diego,

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Ambrose; Holy Trinity;

Nativity story, Matthew; Original Sin; Reconciliation and

Seal of Confessional; Big Fat Moon; Holding on to

Guilt and grudges


Nov. 30: Saint John the Baptist, Saint Nicholas; Reconciliation;

Rosaries, Advent; awareness and observation, number sticks;

Fr. Tom blessed rosaries and icon


Oct. 26: Saint Luke the Evangelist, mnemonics and favorites,

Rosary Prayers, Rosary


Oct. 19: Reconciliation/Confession/Penance


Oct. 12: Saint Brendan the Navigator; Bible navigation;

Vocabulary (Faith, Angels, Saints, Evangelists, Gospel, rosary,

Cross/crucifix/corpus, Old & New Testament);

Our Father, Mt 6:7-15; Adam & Eve, apples & snakes; Gn 3: 1-24;

Rosary; Energy Ball and Faith; Fr. Tom blessed rosaries


Oct. 5: Saint Francis of Assisi, symbols, church visit; Fr. Tom visit;

St. Francis songs, Prayer of Saint Francis,

Skateboarding Franciscans


Sept. 28: Favorite things; Sign of the Cross; Angels and Saints;

Mary, Mother of Jesus; Saints Michael, Gabriel, Raphael (Angels);

Guardian angels; books and bulletins; church visit; holy water,

tabernacle, genuflecting, icons; Hail Mary prayer


Sept. 21: Introduction at Church; Favorite things; Sign of the Cross;

Cross, crucifix, rosary


What Did We Do?

What Can I Do to Help Others?


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