About Mrs. P:



Iím originally from Watertown, New Yorkóthatís way up near the Canadian border, on the left side of the map.† No, it is not near Buffalo.† Youíve heard of ďupstate?Ē Itís north of that.† I have noticed that thereís a geography gap from one end of New York state to another:† many of my north country friends think Iíve moved to Long Island.† Many of my Orange County friends think I came from the Arctic, or possibly the planet Voltran.† Itís possible.


I went to college at SUNY Oswego and did graduate work there and at Syracuse University.† My major field was Medieval English literature, which of course was excellent preparation for a career in computer technology. (?)† Many of the careers I have had werenít invented when I was in college.† Some careers Iíve had havenít been invented yet. (Huh?)


I retired from my teaching job in 2016, and am in the process of getting into more and more trouble.


I lived in Syracuse for a long time before moving to this area in 2001.† Now I live in the village where Velveeta Cheese was invented.† Guess.


As most of my students find out sooner or later, Iíve done a lot of stuff.† My previous jobs have included:

 English teacher (of course)

 Teacher of many, many other subjects

 Computer account executive (thatís a salesperson)

 Education Instruction Specialist (IBM)

 Teacher Center director

 Coordinator of professional development

 College professor

 Sales clerk in a candle shop

 Advertising media buyer


 Landscape and nursery helper

 Filmstrip editor

 Wildlife and zoo photographer

 Museum tour guide

 Summer camp nature director


I am also a lifetime Girl Scout and have been known to be a very serious person, though the last time that happened was about 1967.







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