What can we do for Lent?


Baby sitting

Be grateful

Be kind

Be nice to people

Be nice to people you might hate

Be nice to siblings

Be on time

Be respectful

Change for gym

Clean your room

Community Service

Do chores without being asked

Do homework every night

Do things you donít want to

Donít be annoying in class

Donít complain

Donít lie

Donít support bullies

Donate some toys/clothes

Drink water every day

Eat less food

Exercise daily

Get better grades

Get rid of profanity

Give thanks

Give up junk food

Give up meat

Give up social media

Give up soda

Give up some time on phone (limit)

Give up your phone Monday-Friday

Give up YouTube

Go to Extra Help

Go to sleep on time

Help old people

Help out your parents

Help parents clean house

Help parents/family around the house

Help people

Help people calm down

Help stop bullying


Keep room clean

Limit time on electronics

Limit TV

Love your family

Love your parents

No Gossip

Pray for the poor


Read every day

Reconnect with old friends


Spend less money

Stay drug free

Stop being a jerk

Stop being annoying

Stop being mean to siblings

Stop stressing

Stop talking back to adults

Study harder

Try to participate in school when you know the answer

Use your phone less