Examination of Conscience

  Preparation for Confession/Penance/Reconciliation


Helpful tip: When you reflect upon your thoughts, words, and actions and come to the point where you don’t know if something would be a sin or not, just honestly ask yourself the following questions:

Would I be ashamed to tell someone I love about this?  Would Jesus approve?


Questions to Consider:

1. Do I pray to God every day?

2. Have I been embarrassed to pray in public or let someone else know that I am a Christian?

3. Have I used the Lord’s name in vain? (saying “Oh my God!” or “Jesus!”)

4. Have I used bad language or said inappropriate things?

5. Have I said things in person, over the phone, or through the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, or any other way that I shouldn’t have?

6. Have I purposefully excluded others through my words or actions?

7. Have I cheated or shared answers with another student at school in any way?

8. Have I missed Mass on Sunday or a holy day of obligation?

9. Have I been disrespectful during Mass? (talking to others, not paying attention, not singing, not praying, etc.)

10. Do I respect and obey my parents? Have I made them angry in any way? Do I think or say bad things or complain about them?

11. Am I willing to help with chores or with my brothers and sisters?

12. Do I try my best to get along with my brothers and sisters? Am I a good role model for them?

13. Do I respect all people in authority? (priests, teachers, substitute teachers, coaches, parents, etc.)

14. Do I try my best in school? Do I misbehave, get in trouble, or carry a bad attitude?

15. Do I hurt or bully other people, physically or emotionally? Do I make fun of others? Do I talk about others behind their backs?

16. Is there someone I have stopped talking to? Is there someone I still need to forgive?

17. Do I watch TV shows, movies, or videos on the Internet that are bad? Do I listen to music that promotes or glorifies sin? Do I read books or magazines that I shouldn’t? Do I play immoral video games? Do I look at impure pictures of any kind?

18. Do I dress in a way that upholds my dignity and worth? Are the clothes that I wear modest?

19. Have I done anything that I know will harm my health, eating or drinking or smoking things that I know are bad for me?

20. Have I stolen anything? Have I destroyed or vandalized any property? Have I returned things that I borrowed?

21. Do I tell lies to make myself look good or to not get in trouble?

22. Do I think bad things or do bad things to others who are different than me? Do I make fun of others?

23. Am I thankful for the things that I have? Do I complain in order to get things? Do I share the things that I have?

24. Have I done anything I know is wrong just to get attention?

25. Have I tried my best to be a saint?