Saint Research Project – Confirmation 2021-22

Guidelines for your Confirmation Name


The Church strongly suggests that you use the name your parents gave you at Baptism.  This is because Confirmation is the fullness or completion of the Sacrament of Baptism.  If, however, you choose a new name for Confirmation it must be the name of a Saint.


Whatever name you decide on, your own name or that of a favorite saint, we ask that you explore how this holy person, this saint, offers you witness to walk more closely with Christ.  For instance, find out if you were named after a beloved family member or favorite saint.  Or you can research the roots of your name as a derivative of a Christian name.


Pray, reflect and let the Holy Spirit guide you in your search.  Then answer the following questions in complete sentencesPlease type your response and be sure your name is on your paper.  If you do not have access to a printer, please email your document to the Religious Education office.


1.  Begin your report with EITHER:

            “For Confirmation I am taking the name _______________.”  (If you are choosing a new name)

   OR   “For confirmation I am affirming the name _____________.”  (If you are keeping your baptismal name.)


Answer all of the following questions in your own words, in complete sentencesPlease DO NOT copy and paste from the Internet (yes, we will check!)


2.  When and where was your Saint born?  When and where did your saint die? 

     What was your Saint’s education, and job or career?

     Was your Saint single, married or religious?

     What is your Saint famous for doing?

     What is your Saint the Patron of?  List as many things as you find, and tell the stories of why

        your Saint  was chosen for this patronage.

     Add any interesting stories or legends about your Saint.


3.  Why did you choose this Saint?

     Is this the name of a relative or a person you admire?  Please tell us about who and why.

     What did this Saint do that you admire? 

     What do you have in common with this Saint?  What is different about your life from your Saint’s life?

     Add any other qualities or stories that influenced you to choose this Saint.


4.  List all the resources you used in your research, including online sources and books.  For example, if you chose Saint Francis of Assisi, you might have used and for your information.


Some other good sources of Saint information are: