Mass Attendance and Documentation


· Religious Education students are required to attend Mass every Sunday (or Saturday Vigil Mass.) 

· If you attend a Mass at Sacred Heart-St.Patrick, please hand your envelopes to the priest directly right after Mass.  DO NOT put your envelopes into the collection basket.

· Envelopes from previous/missed dates may not be submitted.

· Only one envelope per weekend.

· Please do not share envelopes with siblings; one envelope per person


**If you attend Mass at another Catholic church, please ask the priest after Mass to sign a bulletin or other paper saying that you attended Mass on that date.  A parent-signed note will not be sufficient for this.

Bring bulletins to your class or the Religious Education office.


Masses at Sacred Heart are all held in the Church:



5:30 pm Vigil Mass


 8:00 am  SH Site

10:00 am SH Site

10:00 am SP Site

12:00 pm SH Site

 6:00 pm  SH Site