What Did We Do?

Check this page for a summary of each week’s class activities including links to interesting sites!


January 23:  Abraham, Deborah, Simeon & Anna; Prophets; World Faiths; Golden Rule


January 9, 11: Christmas Story, Holy Innocents; Habits; Time Capsule Letters; Adam and Eve; Callisia fragrans (basket plant)


December 12, 14 & 19 Saint Nicholas, Saint Lucy; Christmas Story; Confessions


December 5: Isaiah the Prophet; Confessions; Christmas Story (Small Groups)


November 28:  Saint Augustine of Hippo, Saint Monica, Saint Ignatius LoyolaSacrament of Penance (Confession); Number Pencils


November 21:Saint Peter, Saint Paul; Gospel: Jesus, King of the Jews, and Good Thief; Advent; Alphabet of Gratitude; Secret Saints; Missals; Mnemonics/Stuff on a Tray


November 15 (Zoom): Saint Peter, Saint Paul; Advent; Gospel, End Times (Luke 21:5-19); Alphabet of Gratitude; Profession of Faith


November 14: Saints at Sacred Heart; Big Fat Moon; Church bulletins; Advent; Gospel, End Times (Luke 21:5-19); Class Q&A; Wordsearch, Church Vocabulary


November 7: Superstitions; St. John the Baptist; Saints Mary, Martha and Lazarus; Baptism; Church visit


November 3 (Zoom) St. John the Baptist; Saints Mary, Martha and Lazarus; Baptism


October 27 (Zoom) Moses, Saint Mary Magdalene, Lucifer; Parable of Pharisee and Tax CollectorSuperstitions; Holy Days of Obligation; Act of Contrition


October 24:  Rosary prayers, Holy Days of Obligation


October 17: Mother Mary Teresa Tallon, Blessed Stanley Rother; Canonization;

        Parable of the Widow and Dishonest Judge; Self-awareness;

        Act of Contrition; SH Main Window; group juggling


October 13: (Zoom) Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Saints Louis Martin and Marie-Azélie Guérin;  Canonization; Parable of the Ten Lepers


October 6: Mother Mary Teresa Tallon, Blessed Stanley Rother; Canonization;

        Self-awareness; Parable of the Mustard Seed


Home Packet #2 for Oct. 10 or Oct. 30 Class


September 29 & October 1:  Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John);

   four Gospels; Faith and Awareness of God; Mustard Seed; Church Vocabulary


Home Packet #1 for Sept. 26 Class


September 19 & 21: Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Michael the Archangel;

    Gospel, Dishonest Steward; Bible Navigation 1


September 12 & 14:  Introduction, book distribution.  Favorites!




What Did We Do?

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