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Advent - “Coming”; four weeks of preparation for Christmas

Alms - money or other things given to people who need it

Angel - Pure spirit, Messenger of God

Annunciation - Angel sent by God to ask Mary

    to be the mother of Jesus

Apostle - One of the people chosen by Jesus to share his mission

Baptism - First and foundation sacrament, by which we become Christians;

     ceremony includes pouring water, invoking Trinity, anointing

Bible - 73 Books of Holy Scripture; includes

    Old and New Testaments      

Blessing - Asking God to help and safeguard people or things

Canonization - Process of formally proclaiming a saint

catholic - universal

Confirmation - Sacrament in which we receive the Holy Spirit and His Gifts; Pentecost

Conscience - Ability to know the difference between

    good and evil, right and wrong

Discern—to think about and choose carefully

Disciple - Follower of Jesus

Divine Inspiration - Special guidance of Holy Spirit to authors of Bible

Divine Revelation - God’s making himself known to us

Doctrine - truths of the Church

Dogma - truths of the Church

Emmanuel - “God with us” - Jesus Christ

Encyclical - Letter from the Pope to the Church, stating matters of faith and doctrine

Epistle - Letter in the New Testament

Eucharist - Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ, under the appearance

     of bread and wine (Communion) - “thanksgiving”

Evangelists - Gospel authors Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Faith - Belief and trust in God

Free will - Our freedom to choose right or wrong, good or evil

Gifts of the Holy Spirit - wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety,

      fear of the Lord

God the Father - First Person of the Trinity; Creator

God the Son - Second Person of the Trinity; Jesus

God the Holy Spirit - Third Person of the Trinity; Paraclete

Gospel - Four Bible accounts of the Life of Christ by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Heresy - the willful and persistent rejection of an article of faith

Holy Orders - Sacrament in which a priest, deacon or bishop is consecrated to God

Incarnation - Truth that Jesus, Second Person of Trinity, became human to save us

Infallibility - when the Pope speaks “ex cathedra” (formally, as Pope, in matters of

     faith and doctrine) what he says is true

Intercession - We pray for saints to speak for us to God (intercede)

Kingdom of God - Power of God’s love in ourselves and our world

Literal Reading - Choosing to read the Bible as literally true (see metaphor)

Liturgy - “the work of the people” - formal public worship of the Church

Liturgy of the Word - First part of Mass; readings, Kyrie, Gloria, Creed; Homily

Liturgy of the Eucharist - Second part of Mass; Offertory, Consecration, Communion,

     Final prayers

Marks of the Church - one, holy, catholic, apostolic

Martyr - Someone who has died for their faith

Matrimony - Sacrament in which a man and woman commit themselves to love

     and fidelity and are blessed by the Church

Messiah -  “Anointed one” - Jesus Christ

Meditation - Focusing mind and heart on chosen idea

Metaphor - Symbolic or representative

New Testament - Bible books after the Birth of Christ

Old Testament - Bible books from Creation to Birth of Christ

Original Sin - First sin committed by first humans

Parables - Metaphoric or representative stories

Paschal Mystery - The suffering, death, Resurrection and

    Ascension of Jesus Christ

Practicing Catholic - Observes precepts or rules of Catholic Church

Prayer  - Raising our minds and hearts in conversation with God

Presentation/Purification - Jesus and Mary blessed in the Temple; Simeon and Anna

     confirmed that Jesus was the Messiah

Prophet - A holy person who delivers God’s messages to people

Reconciliation and Penance - Sacrament by which our relationship with God

     and the Church are restored and sins are forgiven

Relics - Physical remains or objects associated with saints

Rosary - Formal prayers in honor of Mary -  How to Pray the Rosary

Resurrection - Mystery of Jesus rising from death to New Life

Sacrament of the Sick - Sacrament in which a seriously ill person is anointed for their

     strength and comfort (formerly called Last Rites or Extreme Unction)

Sacraments of Initiation - Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist

Sacraments of Healing - Reconciliation (Penance or Confession),

     Sacrament of the Sick

Sacraments of Service - Holy Orders, Matrimony

Sacramental - Object used in prayer, blessings and sacraments

Saint - Holy person who has gone to heaven

Schism - division from a church or religious body over doctrinal difference

Soul - Invisible and eternal spirit in each human

Stewardship of Creation - Responsibility to care for

    all created people and things

The Fall - Decision by first humans to reject God’s direction (see Original Sin)

Tradition - Stories handed down orally, not necessarily in writing; practices and

     devotions of the faithful

Trinity - Three Persons in One God

Visitation - Mary, pregnant with Jesus, visited her cousin Elizabeth,

   who was pregnant with John the Baptist


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