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Just for fun?

Breaking In the Habit - Brother Casey on his vocation journey

Breaking In the Habit - how to wear a friarís habit - Brother Casey

Friars, Monks or Jedi? - Brother Casey

In Silence We Find God - Brother Casey

3-Minute Retreats - Daily Inspiration from Loyola

Baby Great Horned Owl! You wonít believe what it eats

My Favorite Octopus VideosHow can you not love them?

Renewal in Motion - More Franciscans

Salve Regina - Even more Franciscans


Optical Illusions Give your eyes (and mind) a workout

Mental Floss Sometimes you need it to think

Watch Soap Bubbles Freeze!

Earthsky Earth, Space and Science News

Star Charts from Weather Underground.† What was that bright thing you saw in the sky last night?† Type in your zip code and find out

International Guild of Knot Tyers†† Knots to you?

World Rock Paper Scissors Society ††Including winning strategies.† Really!

Fun With Grapes Read it, but please donít try it.

Virtual Bubble Wrap† Stress reduction?

Find a Grave Where famous people are buried


What Did We Do?

What Can I Do to Help Others?


Old Testament

Vocabulary and Mass Vocabulary

Catholic Links

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